The 27” iMac repair was a SOLID DEAL My Mac broke. Apple thought it was a MB issue without tearing it apart (it was a 2011 Mac) luckily I found this shop as I was walking home from skl. For an 500GB SSD Upgrade from a 1TB HHD with a data transfer, £175, DEAL. Will be recommending to my friends
Adam.M 6 Avatar
Adam.M 6
Efficient and prompt service. Recommend 5 stars
Sonia Robinson Avatar
Sonia Robinson
A small team that knows their stuff and is great to work with to handle our IT. Cannot rate Luke & Chris enough. Great service & support. Cheers CLD. (Google က ဘာသာပြန်ထားသည်) ၎င်းတို့၏အကြောင်းအရာများကို သိရှိပြီး ကျွန်ုပ်တို့၏အိုင်တီကိုကိုင်တွယ်ရန် အဖွဲ့ငယ်တစ်ခုဖြစ်သည်။ Luke နှင့် Chris ကို လုံလောက်အောင် မသတ်မှတ်နိုင်ပါ။ ကောင်းမွန်သောဝန်ဆောင်မှုနှင့်ပံ့ပိုးမှု။ မင်္ဂလာပါ CLD။
FlyerBox UK Avatar
FlyerBox UK
My daughter’s laptop died with A level school work, photos etc on it and no recent backup. Stress! That same evening dropped off the laptop at just before 8pm. By the afternoon of the next day, all data retrieved and saved to a stick. Really friendly and helpful guys.
Christine Southern Avatar
Christine Southern
Highly recommended he's honest and not out to rip you off I went to a few places & each one hit me with the more expensive offer but at CLD he doesn't do that he'll give you the best he can for the money you have & I'm very happy with what he built me & even my tech mate said I have a very good computer my mate done a big mistake and bought 1 from the net and more expensive but its not as good as mine and mine is a fair bit cheaper than the one my mate bought. CLD computers is spot on
skeletone T Avatar
skeletone T
Amazing service and expert knowledge. Highly recommended.
Andrew Davis Avatar
Andrew Davis
Super friendly super helpful would recommend to anyone!
I am a cunt Avatar
I am a cunt
Attended the open and found a very warm and friendly group of staff, friends and customers Later saw an advert for a pre-loved iPad in their window, went in discuss it an walk out with it for £75 Was even offered the option to return it for a full refund when it wouldn't accept some of my apps. Following further discussions I decided to keep it and use it for what I originally bought it for (I player & itv hub)..........great service and wonderfully friendly and helpful staff Just had my laptop put through a health check and clean up........... Again great service was done and ready to go when they said it would be and everything was completed as they first quoted. Recommended to upgrade to a ssd but no pressure selling..... Will definitely recommend these guys and will use them again in the future!!!!!
david howell Avatar
david howell
CLD were extremely helpful getting my laptop restarted, something that was beyond my skills. I strongly recommend them.
John Previte Avatar
John Previte
Really nice bunch of guys, had a problem with my laptop and also wanted my ram increased we discussed what could be done, everything explained so I could understand no tech speak.
Laptop fixed and completed very quickly, definitely the place to go for repairs or upgrades.
Need a few hours to do shopping or get your hair done, call and arrange to drop off your kids at the games room where they can play computer or playstation games in a safe environment until your ready to pick them up.
Suburban Steve Avatar
Suburban Steve
My pc had a faulty motherboard and cpu meaning i had to get it changed they helped me out and ordered the parts as soon as they arrived they fitted it in for me and i collected my pc the same day very happy about this result.
sortz Avatar
Friendly, speedy service. Competitively priced too. Highly recommended.
John Wastle Avatar
John Wastle
I was really impressed with Luke and the way he dealt with my laptop issues. A friendly personable service which is rare today so all the better for that. I would highly recommend CLD they did a great job, and thank you once again.
Brian Gates Avatar
Brian Gates
Very good experience of using a local company to sort an issue with my Mac. Problem quickly resolved, price very reasonable and he even carried the computer to the car!
Howard Farmer Avatar
Howard Farmer
Went and brought my PC to them about 6 months ago and i do not regret it. They diagnosed the issue real quick and helped get me sorted out with new parts and installation. The lads there are top notch, professional all round and very helpful. Honestly would recommend them to anyone. (Google က ဘာသာပြန်ထားသည်) လွန်ခဲ့တဲ့ 6 လလောက်က ကျွန်တော့် PC ကို သူတို့ဆီ ခေါ်သွားခဲ့ပြီး ကျွန်တော် နောင်တမရပါဘူး။ သူတို့သည် ပြဿနာကို အမြန်ရှာဖွေတွေ့ရှိခဲ့ပြီး အစိတ်အပိုင်းအသစ်များနှင့် တပ်ဆင်မှုတို့ဖြင့် ကျွန်ုပ်ကို ကူညီဖြေရှင်းပေးခဲ့သည်။ အဲဒီမှာ ယောက်ျားလေးတွေက ထိပ်တန်းအဆင့်၊ ပရော်ဖက်ရှင်နယ်တွေဖြစ်ပြီး ဝိုင်းပြီး ကူညီပေးကြတယ်။ ရိုးရိုးသားသား အကြံပေးချင်တာက ဘယ်သူ့ကိုမဆို။
Kevin Phang Avatar
Kevin Phang