Education Support

As an ex network and systems manager at schools I started up CLD Computers to provide the right support and products to better support their needs. When I was working as a network manager I found a lot of people out there taking advantage and not providing a good level of support with expensive and unnecessary products. Not only will we provide the support that best suits your school, but we will help to make sure items or software you may be getting elsewhere are needed.

We have tried to make a package that will be customised to suit you that will include all your core features you need in your network for a fair and honest price. Your anti-virus, backup, monitoring and support all in one place.

We work with Internet providers and Voip phone providers to get the best services for a fair price. Moving to internet-based phones can save money and make changes in the future easier.

Sign in solutions, door entry/security with fobs/ cards or biometrics. MIS Systems, CCTV and networking with failovers in place when needed. Photocopiers with a support package so you only pay per page after buying your machine.

We work with these companies to make sure you get the best deal.

We know what PCs you need and how to make them last with warranty’s and the right spec for the future. From custom builds to major branded, new or used.

We aim to support and assist you and your staff in a very calm and easy to understand way, as we understand your IT issues (simple or complicated) can be frustrating and the last thing you or they need is a “techy” asking you questions that you don’t know. We have software that will allow us to support you without even knowing.

Our aim is to make IT simple, one number, one small team, faces and voices you recognise and feel comfortable with.

No need for onsite staff as we deal with local schools to ensure we can always get to you if the issues can’t be solving remotely. Most problems are solved remotely ensuring you or your staff get on with the important things like the students!

We can help move you over to office 365 to save money and time. Did you know you can get the full office package for you staff and students included in your windows licensing? We can help make this happen.

We also provide home support to your staff with deals for our clients as we know how much work is done at home! We set up a remote and secure system so that staff can log in from home and work as if they we sitting in school.