Custom Gaming Computers

CLD go through your budget and needs to build a gaming PC tailored to you

Make a start with our PC Builder – Click Here– Please be aware this is only one of our suppliers, anything thats not listed we can still get.

Our Passion

We love gaming, we love pc’s we love RGB! Take a look at our gaming room and you will see. We build each gaming machine to your spec, your budget, your colours. From budget starter pc’s to high end power house’s, we love to get you or your child gaming. Come in and try out some of our accessories to help choose what you want, or see some cases. We always have smart gaming machines being built. Get a feel for what your getting.

Build with us

We have countless hours building with our customers, get in to the heart of your gaming pc and bring it to life with your own hands. This means you can pick your parts with us, unpack them with us and build them all together with us. It helps you understand your machine and gives you extra confidence to upgrade in the future.

Build a pc workshop’s coming soon

You can still build a pc with us one on one while we work out the details

You can bring your own components, or order with us ready to build your very own gaming PC